Tencent officially announced that QQ Linux version 3.0 has been launched on the QQ official website, and said that this large-scale version reconstruction and update not only realized a new architecture, but also added many special features that meet the daily needs of Linux users.

Download address: https://im.qq.com/linuxqq/index.shtml

According to the announcement, the QQ Linux 3.0 version implements a new architecture based on the QQNT technology architecture driver, and can support x64 systems and arm64 systems. It is mainly aimed at improving and expanding the functions of the system appearance, efficiency improvement, life entertainment and other aspects.

QQ Linux version 3.0.0

1. Added a night mode and supports the following system to enjoy a more immersive chat experience;
2. Added QQ screenshot capability, which is fast and convenient, and improves office efficiency;
3. New group application function, easy to transfer pictures and files, and more efficient group chat;
4. New global search capability is added to further improve the efficiency of content search.

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