Kisak-Strike is a port of CS:GO for Linux lovers. Since the source code of CS: GO was leaked in April 2020, the developers have been working on a project called Kisak-Strike. The goal of Kisak-Strike is to build a 100% open source CS: GO for fans to use and long-term maintenance.


sudo apt install git build-essential cmake libsdl2-mixer-dev libsdl2-dev libgoogle-perftools-dev libopenal-dev libcurlpp-dev libssl-dev libfontconfig1-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev net-tools


sudo dnf install git SDL2-devel SDL2_mixer-devel gperftools-devel openal-soft-devel libcurl-devel openssl-devel fontconfig-devel freetype-devel cmake gcc g++ mesa-libGL-devel mesa-libGLU-devel


sdl2 sdl2_mixer gperftools openal libcurl-compat openssl fontconfig freetype2 mesa cmake gcc base-devel


media-libs/libsdl2 media-libs/sdl2-mixer dev-util/google-perftools media-libs/openal net-misc/curl dev-libs/openssl media-libs/fontconfig media-libs/freetype media-libs/mesa dev-util/cmake sys-devel/gcc

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