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This video tutorial will show you how to make a WordPress blog in nine easy-to-follow steps. No coding experience or specific technical expertise required!

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🕒 Timestamps
00:00 – Intro
00:12 – How Can You Benefit From Having a Blog
01:15 – Buying a Hosting Plan and Setting It Up
04:03 – Initial WordPress Setup
06:30 – Installing a Theme
07:26 – Setting Up Pages
09:37 – Setting Up Menu, Header, and Footer
11:59 – Creating a Post
13:26 – Configuring Permalinks
14:02 – Adding Favicon
14:56 – Ensuring the Mobile Responsiveness
15:38 – Outro


Find out how to make a WordPress blog with Hostinger in nine easy steps:

👉 Buying a Hosting Plan and Setting It Up
Hostinger’s hosting plans include an SSL certificate to improve site security, credibility, and SEO rankings. On top of that, most plans come with a free domain name. Get a 10% discount by applying the HA10 coupon code before checking out.

👉 Initial WordPress Setup
Easily configure a WordPress blog based on your needs and preferences with the help of Hostinger’s intuitive setup wizard on hPanel.

👉 Installing a Theme
Learn how to change the WordPress theme to improve your blog’s interface.

👉 Setting Up Pages
Create essential pages for your blog, including About and Contact pages.

👉 Setting Up Menu, Header, and Footer
In this step, you’ll learn to customize the WordPress menu, header, and footer for better navigation and a more seamless overall site design.

👉 Creating a Post
Find out how to create a new blog post, add and set the categories, assign a featured image, and publish it.

👉 Configuring Permalinks
Learn how to set permalinks that follow SEO best practices.

👉 Adding Favicon
Add a favicon to improve your blog’s brand recognition.

👉 Ensuring Mobile Responsiveness
To ensure the best user experience, test whether your blog is mobile-responsive.

By the end of the video, you’ll know how to make a WordPress blog and publish one in no time!

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Thank you for watching! Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions. Good luck on your online journey. 🚀

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