Pythagorean OA office system is a simple and practical open source enterprise office system. The system integrates system settings, personnel management, administrative management, message management, corporate announcements, knowledge base, approval process settings, office approval, daily office, financial management, customer management, contract management, project management, task management and other functional modules. The system is simple, easy to expand functions, and convenient for secondary development. It can be used for daily OA, CRM, ERP, business management and other systems.

Pythagorean OA4.12.30 is released. This time, the following functions are mainly updated:


1. Optimize contract editor customer selection pop-up layer;
2. Repair the problem reported in the work report;
3. Optimize the tab page effect and increase the speed of opening the TAB page when refreshing the system;
4. Fix the error bug when editing user information in PHP8.1 environment;
5. Increase the reminder before the contract expires, 30 days in advance;
6. Upload and import employee prompt text content modification;
7. The knowledge module adds a comment function and optimizes the editor;
8. The task list page adds an associated “project” column;
9. Optimize the data export function of each module, and support the export of all data;
10. Modular management of the home page display, which can dynamically edit and customize the modules to be displayed in the system role;
11. Fixed other known problems.

built-in module

  • Configuration management: maintain the general configuration information of the system, and maintain the website configuration management function in a unified manner.
  • User management: maintain and manage users of the system, maintain general information and account settings.
  • Menu management: configure the system menu, operation authority, button authority identification, etc.
  • Permission role: role menu management and permission assignment, setting the menu permission owned by the role.
  • Department management: manage the organizational structure of the system, and conduct unified management and maintenance of the organizational structure.
  • Position management: manage the positions held by users.
  • Operation log: system normal operation log record and query; system abnormal information log record and query.
  • Basic data: Unified maintenance of relatively fixed data commonly used in the system.
  • Message notification: the system notifies the management of private message information, etc.
  • Enterprise Announcement: Release and maintain enterprise announcement information.
  • Office approval:Support multiple approval processes such as personnel, finance, administration, and business.
  • Daily office:Information-based office tools such as schedules, plans, weekly reports, and daily reports.
  • Financial Management:Financial reimbursement, invoicing, account receipt, standardized management of financial data.
  • Customer Management:Manage customers in a unified manner, accumulate customer assets, and avoid customer loss.
  • Contract management:Full-process management of contract maintenance, approval, execution, change, and closure.
  • project management:Project operation records are fully covered and tracked, project progress is clear at a glance, task assignment, and working hours are recorded.
  • Knowledge base: company system, work experience, industry knowledge classification management.

software information

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