StockAI is an online platform that uses AI to generate pictures. Users only need to enter some keywords describing the content of the picture to generate pictures with one click. According to the official introduction, all photos on the platform can be downloaded and used for free, and the generated pictures can also be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes without indicating the license or source. However, StockAI prohibits users from reselling images generated by the platform.

This year, Stable Diffusion brought fire to the field of AI painting/picture generation. StabilityAI, the startup behind Stable Diffusion, raised $100 million in financing in October this year, and its valuation even reached $1 billion. And with the increasing demand for artificial intelligence-driven content generation, the future valuation of Stability AI is expected to further increase.

In addition to StabilityAI, a large number of platforms dedicated to providing such services have also been born in this field, and StockAI is also regarded as the earliest startup company born in this field.But StockAI’s luck is not so good, recently they posted on the official social platformAnnounceWill close StockAl.

Excerpt from StockAI’s official statement:

Sadly, we will be closing StockAl. Your subscription plan will be canceled and a refund will be made based on the remaining time. Users will still have access to your account, purchase history, favorites, and more as before until January 15, 2023.

  • We have removed the ability to generate new AI photos for users
  • All existing content remains free to download
  • The current platform will cease to exist in January 2023
  • We will launch a new, updated platform in the first quarter of next year

Why are these changes being made?

Running an AI-driven startup like StockAl’s is expensive. The current paying user base cannot support this cost, so we have to make changes.

When StockAI was just established in September this year, some netizens asked under the Twitter of StockAI founder Danny Postma whether they used Stable Diffusion to generate images, and Danny Postma also confirmed this fact in his answer.

From its establishment in September to its closure in December, StockAI has only been established for 3 months. However, this also seems to prove that without sufficient technical strength, it is difficult for startups born only on other open source projects to survive in the market.

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