Evue is a high-performance gui application framework based on html/css, independent of platform and ui engine.

Users only need to understand simple html and css knowledge to quickly develop beautiful UI programs,

  • Hardware independent and OS independent

The underlying UI engine of EVUE is based on Flutter and LVGL, and an EVUE application can run perfectly on multiple platforms such as windows/linux/macos/web/ios/android/RTOS, regardless of hardware and OS

  • Develop once, run on multiple terminals

One-time development, multi-terminal operation means that users only need one-time development to realize multi-terminal operation of evue applets on different devices, and efficiently build multi-platform exquisite applications through a set of code libraries, which greatly improves user development efficiency and saves development cost

  • Native performance, efficiency first
    • The underlying UI rendering engine of EVUE is based on Flutter and LVGL, with excellent performance
    • Flutter is Google’s open source toolkit for building user interface (UI). The underlying drawing engine is based on Skia, and its performance is comparable to that of native applications;
    • LVGL is a lightweight UI engine for IOT. The bottom layer is developed based on C language, with low memory usage and excellent performance. It is widely used in the IOT field
    • The EVUE framework itself adopts compile-time code generation technology and non-runtime dynamic rendering technology, which greatly reduces runtime performance consumption;
    • The EVUE framework natively supports MVVM, data-driven UI, and users do not need to care about manual UI operations, greatly improving development efficiency
  • Component programming, free expansion

The EVUE framework itself is built on components, and everything is a component. Any evue file is a component. Based on the built-in native components, users can freely combine them into various custom advanced components, which can be reused in any project. Users are free design.

evue designer is a low-code designer developed based on evue. Users can simply drag and drop to realize automatic generation and preview of evue code, which greatly improves user development efficiency.


Evue is a high-performance gui application framework based on html/css, independent of platform and ui engine


  • Evuecompiler compiler architecture

The function of the evue compiler is mainly to compile the evue file into python/javascript code;


  • Evue runs on all platforms
    • Evue for flutter (windows/linux/macos/web/ios/andriod)
    • Evue for lvgl (rtos on mcu like Asr3603/F1C100/F1C200/esp32/stm32/…)

you can run evue on any platform as you like!

  • Evue supports adapting to any ui engine
    • Evue for flutter
    • Evue for lvgl
    • Evue for Qt
    • Evue for PySide2

you can compile evue to any ui code as you like!


use pipInstall evue.


git clone https://github.com/scriptiot/evue.git
cd evue
python setup.py install # also `pip install ."

quick start

cd examples
python evuebroswer.py ./evue_website/project.json
python evuebroswer.py ./evue_website/app.py

cd examples
python evuebroswer.py ./evue_login/project.json
python evuebroswer.py ./evue_login/app.py

Evue Studio

Evue Studio is a developer platform that serves developers to quickly create/compile/release evue-based applications.


Download the latest evue studio

  • Unzip evuestudio-*.7z
  • double click evuestudio.exe

Evue Designer is a general-purpose low-code UI designer that supports free drag and drop components, visual data binding and visual event binding, built-in multi-terminal emulator, quick preview, what you see! It supports one-click export of cross-platform evue applets for windows/linux/macos/web/ios/android/RTOS.

designer concept

  • For developers, assist developers to develop applications with extreme efficiency, focusing on design and code generation
  • Community-oriented, any developer can share their own designed components or applications
  • The automatically generated code is extremely readable, basically the same as the user’s handwritten code, and the user can manually modify the evue file to redesign it without affecting the user’s code
  • Support unlimited multi-level nested combinations, follow the developer’s mind, not a designer
  • Support user-defined default component style, highly personalized customization
  • Support evue multi-language compilation to meet different compilation requirements
  • Support designer bootstrap, use designer to drag and drop to generate designer

Designer component support

Basic components:

  • image
  • text
  • text field
  • textarea
  • button
  • icon button
  • checkbox
  • switch
  • progress
  • slider
  • combo box
  • counter
  • qrcode
  • canvas

layout component

  • div
  • row
  • column
  • list view
  • listitem
  • grid
  • tabview
  • tab

custom components

Evue for iot

Evue for iot is a commercial product based on evuequicknodea lightweight evue solution that can run on various mcu.

For more introduction please read quicknode product introduction

Download the latest quicknode

  • Unzip quicknode-qbc-20221215142421-693fbf88.zip
  • double click quicknode.bat or quicknode_chart.bat

help manual

Compile evue file -> python code


How to compile evue file to python code

  • Login to evue studio
  • switch to编译page
  • Add the project directory to the monitoring list
  • Changing the evue file will be automatically compiled into python code

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