Neutralinojs, a lightweight desktop application development framework, has released a roadmap for 2023.

Neutralinojs is a lightweight, portable desktop application development framework. You can develop lightweight cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Applications built with Neutralinojs can run on Linux, macOS, Windows, and the web.

Over the past few years, Neutralinojs has mainly focused on stabilizing the framework core through various enhancements.During 2020-2022 a number of code refactorings were done to make the framework stable and production ready.Now that the entire framework has been stabilized, the native API will not be changed in the newly released version, so developers can safely build Neutralinojs applications without worrying about future framework upgrades and time-consuming version migrations.

According to the Neutralinojs blog, the main goal of Neutralinojs in the new year is to make Neutralinojs fully functional by adding other cross-platform framework APIs.Listed below are some of the key goals of the 2023 plan:

  • Provide a native network request API to overcome the CORS problem that needs to close the webview security layer
  • Enable multi-threaded native API calls to further improve framework performance
  • Release Neutralinojs builder project with GSoC 2023
  • Fix the window positioning problem under the Windows platform by reconstructing the existing webview library version
  • Add Unicode support for Windows framework versions
  • Deliver features requested by the developer community

In addition to the above milestones,Neutralinojs More APIs, features, and developer tools will also be added to compete with other cross-platform frameworks as the framework core is now stable.

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