Snal Linux is a tiny Linux system based on Arch Linux, generally used as a live USB image to troubleshoot hard disk, system and network problems.

Like Arch, x86_64 is the only architecture supported by Snal Linux.


  • Based on Arch Linux
  • with i3 window manager
  • Firefox browser
  • Live USB

start up

After Snal starts, the user is automatically logged in and asked if they want to run startx.

Pressing enter will run the default setting: start XWindows with i3 as window manager. Other options are as follows:

  • Typing “y” or simply pressing enter will run startx with i3 as the window manager.
  • Typing “n” will run the bash shell.
  • Typing “s” will attach an existing screen session or start a new one.
  • Typing “x” will join an existing screen session.

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