Antrea 1.10.0 is released. Antrea is a Kubernetes networking solution designed to be Kubernetes native. It uses Open vSwitch as the network data plane and runs on Layer3/4 to provide network and security services for Kubernetes clusters.

What’s new in this version:

Add to

  • Added the L7NetworkPolicy feature, which enables users to protect applications by specifying how to communicate with others, taking into account the application context.
    • Layer 7 NetworkPolicy can be passedl7Protocols Antrea-native policies field for configuration.
    • See this documentation for more information on this feature.
  • Add the SupportBundleCollection feature to enable Antrea’s CRD API to collect support bundle files on any K8s node or external node and upload to a user-defined file server.
    • See this documentation for more information on this feature.
  • Add support for NetworkPolicy for cross-cluster traffic.
    • Setting the scope of an ingress node to a clusterSet extends the scope of a podSelector or namespaceSelector to the entire ClusterSet.
    • Set the scope of toServices to clusterSet to select multi-cluster services.
    • See this documentation for more information on this feature.
  • Add the following function to the ExternalNode function:
    • Containerization option for installing antrea-agent on a Linux VM.
    • RHEL 8.4 is supported.
  • Add support for running antrea-agent as a DaemonSet when using containerd as the runtime on Windows.
  • Added documentation for Antrea Multicast.


  • Improved support for egress in Traceflow.
  • Added NodePortLocalPortRange field to AntreaAgentInfo.
  • Use the format “namespace/name” as the key for the ExternalNode span calculation.
  • When uploading CSV records to S3 in FlowAggregator, enclose Pod labels in single quotes.
  • Upgrade the Antrea base image to ubuntu 22.04.
  • Update OVS to 2.17.3.
  • Reduce confusion caused by transient errors encountered when creating static layers.


  • Add a periodic job to rejoin dead nodes to fix egress not working after long network downtime.
  • Fix potential deadlock and memory leak issues with member list maintenance in large clusters.
  • Fix connection issues caused by MAC address changes in systemd v242 and later.
  • Fix error handling when S3Uploader partially succeeds.
  • Fix ClusterInfo export error on multi-cluster gateway change.
  • Fixed an issue where OpenFlow rules were not updated when the multi-cluster gateway was updated.
  • When a Pod is deleted, the Pod-specific VF resource cache is deleted.
  • Fixed OpenAPI description for AntreaAgentInfo and AntreaControllerInfo.

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