KDE developer Nate Graham posts this week’s KDE work in progressReporting back to the blog, Christmas hasn’t slowed down the KDE developers, and this week’s KDE still has many features and fixes:

new function

  • In a Plasma Wayland session, it is now possible to use a pinch gesture on the touchpad to zoom in and out on images in Gwenview
  • Kate and KWrite now have the option to always open each file in its own window, rather than in tabs in the same window
  • Elisa now supports creating and opening.plsplaylist file
  • Notifications will prompt when attempting to use a VPN type that does not have a plugin installed

  • The color picker widget can now be configured with up to 9 preset colors for quick use.

User Interface Improvements

Okular’s sidebar has been ported to QDockWidgetcapable of being repositioned to other sides of the window, or undocked to become a free-floating window.

Major Bug Fixes

  • When permanently deleting a file, the “Permanently Delete” button again has keyboard focus by default
  • Persian and Indian national calendars now display correct month names

Other bug related information:

  • 5 very high priority Plasma bugs.
  • 47 Plasma bugs in 15 minutes.
  • 99 KDE bugs of various types were fixed this week.

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