Find out what’s the best WordPress membership plugin for new, medium-traffic, and high-traffic websites! Build a membership website today with Hostinger web hosting πŸ‘‰
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Make money online by offering exclusive content through a membership system. This video will walk you through 10 recommendations (free and premium) so you can find the best WordPress membership plugin.

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πŸ•’ Timestamps

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Why Should You Use a Membership Plugin
01:56 – What Can a Membership Plugin Do
03:12 – Must-have Features
04:50 – Best Membership Plugins for New Sites
09:09 – Best Membership Plugins for Medium-Traffic Sites
12:45 – Best Membership Plugins for High-Traffic Sites
16:32 – Outro
πŸ‘‰ Why Should You Create a Membership Site
βœ… It provides a recurring stream of income.
βœ… It gives you the opportunity to build a strong online community.
βœ… Gives you insights into your members’ needs and expectations.
βœ… Helps you establish authority within your industry or niche.
βœ… You can offer various types of content, from articles to digital courses.
πŸ‘‰ What Can a WordPress Membership Plugin Do
βœ… Set user permissions.
βœ… Collect membership payments.
βœ… Distribute coupon codes.
βœ… Automate membership renewal reminders.
βœ… Content dripping.
βœ… Develop multi-level subscription plans.
πŸ‘‰Must-have Features of a WordPress Membership Plugin
βœ… User-friendly.
βœ… Easy integration and compatibility with various plugins and themes.
βœ… Multiple payment gateways support.
βœ… Reliable customer support.

Also, check whether they are included as built-in features or need to be purchased separately.
πŸ‘‰ Best Membership Plugins for New Sites
1️⃣ Simple Membership – free, comprehensive membership features, cost-effective for starters.
2️⃣ ARMember – freemium, built-in security features, offers a trial period and multiple payment cycles.
3️⃣ Restrict User Access – free, teaser creation, and it’s possible to redirect unauthorized users to a page or a custom link to invite them to become members.
4️⃣ Multiple Member – freemium, drag-and-drop form builder, free add-ons like a Terms and Conditions checkbox.
πŸ‘‰ Best Membership Plugins for Medium-Traffic Sites
5️⃣ s2Member Framework – freemium, comprehensive membership features, built-in security tools.
6️⃣ Restrict Content Pro – freemium, customer dashboard, various content restriction options, detailed reports.
7️⃣ MemberPress – premium, extensive content restriction options, password-protected forum.
πŸ‘‰ Best Membership Plugins for High-Traffic Sites
8️⃣ Paid Memberships Pro – premium, supports affiliate program creation, group membership accounts, built-in reports.
9️⃣ MemberMouse – premium, supports affiliate programs, great social media integration, complete reports.
πŸ”Ÿ LearnDash – premium, numerous learning-specific features, integration with other membership plugins.

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