Statcounter, a data statistics website, released the market share of web browsers for the whole year of 2022.From the data point of view, Google Chrome Chrome’s position is still unshakable and dominant; while Microsoft’s Edge is Overtake Safari to become the second largest browser on the desktop in April 2022, but growth is still quite slow.

The data shows that the adoption rate of Microsoft Edge browser is increasing at a very slow pace. In 2022, Microsoft has put a lot of effort into Edge, such as launching powerful sidebar features, launching Edge developer tools, and even putting Egde advertisements in the corners of Windows at the risk of being condemned. However, these efforts have had little effect. From 9.54% in January to 10.99% in December, the Edge browser will only gain 1.45% of the market share in 2022.

The rest of the rankings are still the same. Due to the characteristics of a single platform, Safari’s market share has been constant.April 2022 inDesktopmarket share has also been The Edge browser took over and hasn’t caught up since. Firefox has been in the fourth position since Edge caught up, with only 7.22% market share.

The above data is the market share of browsers worldwide. On the other hand, in China, the share of some local browsers can compete with Chrome. For example, 360 Safe Browser, with its out-of-the-box localization functions such as security and ad blocking, has won Many entry-level users of all ages. In addition, the officially disabled IE browser still has a place in China, which makes people laugh.

As for Chromium-based browsers such as Brave and Vivaldi, although they provide better privacy protection features, they have not yet been seen in the statistics.

On the other hand, on the mobile side, Google and Apple hold the two major mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, which occupy most of the market share. Edge and FireFox are directly out of the ranking. Samsung’s annual mobile phone shipments bring about 5% of the market share to its built-in browser, and the rest of the market is divided up by brands such as UC Browser, Opera, Android native browser, QQ browser, and FireFox.

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