WordPress has recently merged a PR integrating the SQLite module to test the implementation of official support for SQLite in WordPress.

According to reports, the code of this PR is copied from https://github.com/aaemnnosttv/wp-sqlite-db/blob/master/src/db.php, which is a branch of the sqlite-integration plugin. The developers refactored it a bit, applied coding standards, and built integrations with plugins.

The developer wrote in the PR that this is an ongoing work that is currently working well enough to be included as an experimental module. The problem with this PR is not the SQLite implementation itself, but the activation/deactivation of modules, and the overall user experience in the process.

In September of this year, the developer published a proposal to make WordPress officially support SQLite, and listed some benefits:

  • Boost performance for low-end servers and environments
  • Increase the growth potential of WordPress in the market
  • Boosting hosting market growth potential using installation “scenario”
  • Reduce Energy Consumption and Improve Sustainability of WordPress Projects
  • Further advancing WordPress’ mission to “democratize publishing” for everyone
  • Contributing to WordPress is easier – download the files and run the built-in PHP server without any additional setup
  • Easier to use automated test suites
  • Sites can be “portable” and self-contained

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