Kaisen Linux is a distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux whose originality lies in providing a set of tools dedicated to system administration, covering all needs for diagnosing and dealing with failures or failures of the installed system and its components. Kaisen Linux also integrates a large number of Wi-Fi/video/audio and Bluetooth drivers. In addition to the drivers included in the kernel, it also provides better hardware support, ensuring that you don’t have to install anything after installing Kaisen Linux.

Kaisen Linux 2.2 has been officially released recently. The biggest change in this version is that the Exegol tool comes to Kaisen Linux.

Exegol can deploy Docker containers very quickly to have a development environment with more than 300 tools installed. The integration of Exegol into Kaisen Linux is in response to the needs of our growing community of people who work as system administrators but need to do more extensive security testing than dedicated administrator tools. HTML documentation for the Exegol tool is also included with Kaisen by default.

The Kaisen Linux team is also growing, and a new developer has joined the development team, mainly to maintain the Exegol integration in Kaisen.

New tools now included by default:

  • lazydocker
  • lazygit
  • jq
  • yq
  • ansible-lint
  • tflint

Important software updates:

  • Linux6.0.7
  • GRUB 2.06 (os-proper is still active)
  • Minikube 1.28
  • Kubernetes 1.25
  • Virtualbox 7.0.4
  • Vagrant 2.3.3
  • Velero 1.10.0
  • Trivy 0.35.0
  • Shadow 4.13
  • Wireshark 4.0.2


  • Nearly 100 menu launchers were improved or fixed
  • Starting with 2.2 RC2, the kaisen-timeshift-apt package replaces apt-btrfs-snapshot for APT snapshots.The purpose of this package is to fix performance issues with APT snapshots and to be able to delete restored snapshots
  • The kaisen-timeshift-apt package provides a timer and a service systemd unit file to automatically delete all snapshots that are 7 days or older. This timer runs randomly every hour to maximize the chances of deleting snapshots older than 7 days.
  • Replaced the firmware-* packages designed by the Kaisen Linux team with the linux-firmware-* packages to address issues with the raspi-firmware package and provide better hardware support in conjunction with Linux 6.0.
  • The linux-firmware-* packages are also full packages of the linux-firmware repository found on kernel.org to provide the latest firmware and better support for Wi-Fi and the latest version of the Mellanox drivers.
  • Along with the installation of the powershell package, the gss-ntlmssp package is also installed for NTLM connections.
  • Chrony is now the default NTP client/server for Kaisen Linux instead of ntpsec
  • Improvements to XFCE and KDE default GUIs
  • Create default Kaisen theme for KDE
  • Added over 700 manpages to improve documentation provided by Kaisen
  • Improvements to user documentation

For more details, please check: https://kaisenlinux.org/blog/kaisenlinuxrolling2.2.php

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