Industry-leading IAM/IDaas identity management and authentication products

MaxKeySingle sign-on authentication system, the homonym of Marx’s key means the biggest key, yesIndustry-leading IAM/IDaas identity management and authentication products,Support OAuth 2.x/OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0, JWT, CAS, SCIM and other standard protocols, providingSecurity, Standards and OpennessUser identity management (IDM), identity authentication (AM), single sign-on (SSO), RBAC authority management and resource management, etc.

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1. Standard protocol

serial numberprotocolsupport
1.1OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connecthigh
1.2SAML 2.0high

2. Login support

serial numberLogin Method
2.1Dynamic Captcha Alphabet/Number/Arithmetic
2.2two-factor authentication
2.3SMS Authentication Tencent Cloud SMS/Alibaba Cloud SMS/Netease Cloud Letter
2.4Login Easy/Google/Microsoft Authenticator/FreeOTP/support TOTP or HOTP
2.5Kerberos/SPNEGO/AD domain
2.6OpenLDAP/ActiveDirectory/Standard LDAP server
2.7Social accounts WeChat/QQ/Weibo/DingTalk/Google/Facebook/Others
2.8Scan QR code to log in Enterprise WeChat/DingTalk/Feishu Scan QR code to log in

3. Provide a standard authentication interface to facilitate the integration of other applications with SSO, secure mobile access, secure API, third-party authentication and Internet authentication.

4. Provide user life cycle management, support SCIM 2 protocol; out-of-the-box connector (Connector) realizes identity supply synchronization.

5. Simplify Microsoft Active Directory domain control, standard LDAP server organization and account management, password self-service reset password.

6.IDaas multi-tenant function supports independent management of multiple enterprises under the group or data isolation of different departments under the enterprise, reducing operation and maintenance costs.

7. The certification center has platform independence and environmental diversity, supports Web, mobile phones, mobile devices, etc., such as Apple iOS, Andriod, etc., and fully covers the certification capabilities from B/S to mobile applications.

8. Based on the Java EE platform and micro-service architecture, it adopts open source technologies such as Spring, MySQL, Tomcat, Redis, and MQ, and has strong scalability.

9. Open source, safe, self-controllable, Apache 2.0 License &MaxKey copyright statement.

Current version Baidu network disk download, historical version

VersiondateDockernetdiscNetwork disk extraction code

MaxKey v 3.5.11 GA 2022/12/15

    *(MAXKEY-221601) 官方网站优化及重构
    *(MAXKEY-221602) BadPasswordCount 次数问题解决
    *(MAXKEY-221603) 增加session的日志输出信息
    *(MAXKEY-221604) MXK_APPS的字段CREDENTIAL改为varchar(45)
    *(MAXKEY-221605) 同步器删除字段filters、basedn,新增字段userfilters、userbasedn、orgfilters、orgbasedn,界面的时间区间增加“天”单位
    *(MAXKEY-221606) 优化Jdbc的同步器,可以配置SQL同步组织和用户数据
    *(MAXKEY-221607) 优化LDAP和AD的同步器
    *(MAXKEY-221608) 用户信息增加通用字段education-学历,graduateFrom-毕业院校,graduateDate-毕业时间
    *(MAXKEY-221609) 完善基本信息的介绍
    *(MAXKEY-221610) 用户头像PICTURE改为LONGBLOB类型
    *(MAXKEY-221611) 去除后端管理cookie的设置
    *(MAXKEY-221612) 左侧导航菜单收缩时,二级菜单点击问题修复
    *(MAXKEY-221613) 测试数据优化,包括用户、组织、应用等
    *(MAXKEY-221614) 依赖项引用、更新和升级
        springBoot                2.7.6

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