Today, when I browsed the open source Chinese community, I accidentally saw this advertisement of Gitee. I found it very interesting and inspired, so I followed suit 😁

After more than two years of iteration, Furion is quite mature and stable.All Issues and Pull Requests have been processed, and after a week of idleness, I found something to do for myself (developing v5). The speed of user feedback bugs is not as fast as my bug fixes, which is difficult~ 😒😂

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  • new features

    • [新增] Scheduled task configuration options options.JobDetail.LogEnabled Configuration, can automatically output the execution log ⏱️2022.12.14 58d2c20
    • [新增] ValidationTypes More common authentication formats (手机机身码类型,统一社会信用代码,GUID/UUID,base64) ⏱️2022.12.13 3680d7a
    • [新增] timed task IScheduler Objects automatically refresh after each operation and provide manual refresh Reload() method ⏱️2022.12.09 #I65EQ1
  • bug fix

    • [修复] LoggingMonitor Serialization IQueryable<> or OData There is an infinite loop problem in the return value type ⏱️2022.12.10 7e8c9d0
    • [修复] Timed task passed scheduler.RemoveTrigger(triggerId) Report an abnormal problem ⏱️2022.12.09 #I65EQ1
    • [修复] The scheduled task job trigger is configured with EndTime and StartTime after Status no correspondence ⏱️2022.12.09 52a5506
    • [修复] Timed task passed scheduler.AddTrigger(triggerBuilder) invalid question ⏱️2022.12.09 #I65EQ1

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