Apache NetBeans is the top Apache project, an open source development environment, tool platform and application framework, which can meet the needs of developers, users and enterprises relying on NetBeans as the basis of products, enabling them to develop products quickly, efficiently and easily.


  • Initial implementation of the (experimental) Dependency API in Gradle
  • Refactor Grade Editor related functions into gradle.editor module
  • Gradle hides empty build folders
  • Support for projects without build.gradle
  • Fix npe in gradle build actions dialog
  • Various fixes and improvements
  • Switch gradle.dist and gradle.editor modules to regular
  • Protect access to gradle’s internal API to avoid project loading failures


  • Improved Jakarta EE 9/9.1 support
  • Fix possible NPE in NexusRepositoryIndexerImpl exception handler
  • Updated Maven archetype version for Jakarta EE 9.1
  • Maven UseReleaseOptionHint fix
  • Maven HintsPanel UI layout fixes and cleanup


  • Update ActionsManager in Debugger API
  • Update nb-javac to 19+33
  • Support multiple versions of jar
  • Avoid invalid JavaPlatform
  • Fix illegal string decoration problem of JavadocImports


  • NetBeans should not automatically insert \n\ in Groovy triple-quoted strings


  • Fix syntax error for constant array access
  • Fix formatting issues with text operators (AND, OR, XOR)


  • CPPLight debugger can run on arch64


  • Support for Vulnerability Auditing in Oracle Cloud
  • Unable to register Payara 6.x in Apache NetBeans 15
  • Import local schema to avoid DNS lookup during build


  • CSS implements position:sticky
  • The problem of not calling auto-completion after the end tag has been added


  • YAML support
    • Indent YAML to 2 spaces by default
    • YAML support layer code cleanup
    • Minor cleanup of YAML language support
  • Dockerfile support
    • Added multiview for Dockerfile-s
  • TOML support
    • Some support for TOML files
    • TOML cleanup and improvements
  • Supports ANTLR v4 and v3
    • ANTLR v4 and v3 grammar editing support
    • Fixed possible NPE issues when editing ANTLR grammars
    • Improved support for ANTLRv4 grammars
    • Support for ANTLRv4 indentation and code snippets
    • Provide more precise code completion for ANTLRv4 grammars
    • Fixed end-of-file indentation and code completion for ANTLR v4

More details can be viewed: https://github.com/apache/netbeans/releases/tag/16

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