Deepin 20.8 has been released. This version adds a community self-developed application “Deepin Home”, upgrades Qt to version 5.15.6, updates the DTK development library, fixes underlying vulnerabilities and further improves system compatibility and security; on the functional level Actively respond to the needs of community user feedback, develop and integrate a large number of practical functions.

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deepin 20.8

Here are the features of the new version:

Deep home

New community self-developed information aggregation application “Deepin Home”, V1.0.0 stageIt realizes the aggregation of important information platforms such as community GitHub, Wiki, forums, and self-media, and supports deepin ID account system login and basic message push capabilities. Here, you can receive community news in real time, interact and communicate,Participate in the surveyWait. In the future, we will establish a comprehensive demand and bug tracking system, as well as special feedback channels for software and hardware, to better serve community users.

app Store

PromotedWine applicationThe opening speed after the download is complete, optimize the visual effect of app update and app management page,Support copy and paste of app details page comments ,Bring a better download experience.

file management

The function is further optimized, and the file is saved as a mirror image file in the new CD directory, and the right-click menu is supported to directly rename and format peripherals, and the image carousel screen saver is supported to make file management more “smart”.

update and optimization

  • Upgrade Qt to version 5.15.6
  • Updated DTK development library
  • Optimized the problem of slow unlocking of Goodix-related fingerprint devices
  • A new community self-developed application “Deepin Home” has been added to the system warehouse
  • A change was made to the version identification to 20.8
  • The system startup icon is replaced with a dynamic icon


  • The system integrates UTCS, which can automatically scan N card devices during the installation phase in the future and install the appropriate driver
  • LTS kernel upgrade to version 5.15.77
  • New integrationnvidia-driver-510,nvidia-graphics-drivers-470, nvidia-graphics-drivers-390N card driver package

app Store

  • Unzip the Wine app in the store during the download process, which improves the opening speed of the app after the download is complete
  • Optimize app update and app management page visual effects
  • App details page comments support copying
  • Optimize the automatic scaling ability of the App Store window at the minimum window size

file management

  • Replaced desktop process icons in System Monitor
  • The text of the “Hide System Disk” option is adjusted to “Hide Built-in Disk”
  • The files in the newly added CD directory are saved as image files
  • Support right-click menu to directly rename and format peripherals
  • Added the option “Merge and display Samba shared directory entry” in Document Management-Settings-Mount
  • Support the user to specify the file path, and generate a picture carousel screen saver for the pictures that meet the requirements under the path


  • After the mailbox is searched, you can press the shortcut key ESC to exit the search state
  • Optimized the overall interaction of the mailbox address book module


  • Optimized the interaction of browser forward and back buttons
  • Optimized the copyright information content of the browser
  • When the content of the bookmark page exceeds the display range, it supports the function of scrolling up and down
  • In the default items of the browser, the “new tab page opens the URL entered in the address bar” is unchecked by default
  • When the mouse hovers over the content of the web page address, the corresponding link address will be displayed



  • Fixed the problem that the network icon on the taskbar and the lock screen interface did not display after the image installation was completed
  • Fix the problem that internal test users are displayed as third-party warehouses when obtaining updated content
  • Fix the problem of clicking the WiFi icon on the interface to expand the WiFi list, and using the shortcut key Alt+Tab to enter the desktop and switch the running window
  • Fix the problem that there is no refresh button in the list of network and Bluetooth plug-ins in the taskbar
  • Fix the problem that after the system resumes from standby, clicking the launcher cannot start normally and display the problem

app Store

  • Fix the problem that the download management window automatically hides when the application is updated and the management page is refreshed
  • When the system language is Polish, the text on the “Update” and “One-click Update” buttons is not fully displayed
  • Fix the problem that in the application update class, the application details are displayed in Chinese in the English environment


  • Fix the AX1800 WiFi driver installation RTL8832AU RTL8852AU, the kernel driver does not load the firmware problem
  • Repair and install the 20.7.1 release image, when using the network card that comes with the notebook, the system has no wireless network problems
  • Fix the problem that the screen brightness changes from bright to dark when the Thinkbook 14+ notebook is plugged in when the power is low
  • Fix the problem that the touchpad cannot be used after the system of some models has not been updated and the user locks the screen and waits for a period of time
  • The graphics card switching tool is omitted, and when the NVIDIA graphics card is selected, the operation process of the variable environment

file manager

  • Fix the problem that the server address of the smb collection is cleared when the system is upgraded to a new version
  • Fix the problem that the encrypted disk is safely removed in the document management, and the U disk will pop up after 2 removals
  • Fix the problem of selecting the Bluetooth device interface for Bluetooth file transfer, and the next button can still be operated without a Bluetooth device selected


  • Fix the problem that if the terminal theme is set to “follow the system”, it will automatically change to “dark color”

font manager

  • Fix the problem that the font manager cannot be switched normally using keyboard shortcuts


  • Fix copy display error problem (such as 0x80e12, hexadecimal number with lowercase letters)

device manager

  • Fix the problem of incomplete display of audio adapter chip information

document viewer

  • Fix the problem that some models cannot open the docx file in the attachment using the document viewer

package installer

  • Fix the problem that the package installer is stuck at about 90% when installing the xnview.deb package

text editor

  • Fixed the incomplete display of the “jump to line” function when right-clicking on a blank space when the system language is Polish
  • Fix the problem that pasting text with the middle mouse button cannot be undone
  • Fix the problem that the code coloring will disappear during the search process
  • Fix the problem that when the text contains brackets, after deleting the file multiple times, the problem cannot be accurately withdrawn
  • Fix the inaccurate matching of brackets in the code when opening the dtextedit.cpp file in the attachment
  • Fix the problem that the default display encoding format of opening a file is WINDOWS-1252, the file display is abnormal, and the encoding format is changed to UTF-16BE to display normal problems
  • Fix the problem that the text editor crashes when the text editor is closed without saving when changing the text, and when the text is opened again and saved with Ctrl+S
  • Fix the problem that the text editor opens multiple txt files and freezes after a period of time

look at the picture

  • Fix the problem that memory consumption continues to increase when switching and viewing pictures using the system view tool, resulting in memory leaks
  • Fix the problem that the text recognition function needs to be intercepted with a large area of ​​blank space during the use of the text recognition function, otherwise it will lead to low text recognition accuracy

photo album

  • Fix the problem that when the system language is “Polish”, open the photo album, right-click the photo, and select “Photo Information”, the text on the picture information pop-up box is not fully displayed
  • Fix the problem that the recently deleted picture file is permanently deleted, but it is not physically deleted in the recycle bin, and the file still exists

screenshot recording

  • Fix the problem that the time is not displayed in the lower right corner when recording the screen


  • Fix the problem that after joining the internal test source, the update is displayed as a third-party warehouse
  • Fix the problem that the system cannot normally open the help manual through the application entry or shortcut keys
  • Fix the problem that when the application is selected and dragged in the full screen mode of the launcher, the actual drag is a non-selected application
  • Fix system security vulnerabilities and improve system security

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