In March of this year, JetBrains announced that it wouldIndefinite suspension of sales and R&D activities in Russia,As well as an indefinite suspension of sales in Belarus. Now, the company has released an updated announcement regarding the incident.

The announcement states that,In addition to terminating all sales, all JetBrains offices in Russia, including Moscow, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg, have been closed, and work on the new campus in St. Petersburg has also been terminated. All research and development activities have been phased out, and liquidation documents for its Russian legal entity have been filed in August 2022.

The JetBrains Russia team has more than 800 people. At present, the company has managed to relocate most of its employees from Russia, and those who cannot relocate due to personal reasons have parted ways with the company. JetBrains assigned these relocated personnel to offices in Europe, including research and development centers in Amsterdam, Munich and Berlin. It also opened new locations in Cyprus, Serbia and Armenia.

The company stated that, given theStrong support from customers and overall good financial status of the company,its capableContinue to develop quality development tools.and also posted some jobsRecruitmentcovering IntelliJ IDEA Team’s UI/UX designers, software engineers, senior software developers for Kotlin IDEs, and more.

According to JetBrains,Although this is a very challenging and difficult time for the company.But they still choose to continue to support Ukraine, andreiterated itsrightAttacks by the Russian governmentofcondemn.

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