Prisma (for Dart) is for Dart and Flutternext generation ORM.

  • Most Popular Databases: Prisma supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB, and CockroachDB.
  • type safety: Prisma Client is a query builder tailored to your schema. We’ve designed its API to be intuitive and suitable for SQL veterans as well as developers new to databases. Autocomplete helps you figure out your query without documentation.
  • human readable: Prisma schemas are intuitive and allow you to declare your database tables in a human-readable way – making your data modeling experience a joy. You can define models manually or check them from an existing database.

developer experience

Prisma ORM aims to provide a simple, type-safe, multi-database-enabled ORM for a great Dart backend development experience.


Unlike Dart’s other connected databases, Prisma is a sane ORM.

  • type safety

    Any input in an editor or IDE will prompt for parameter types, and some editors or IDEs can even use these hints for auto-completion.

  • multiple databases

    Prisma ORM supports multiple databases, and you can migrate between different databases without modifying the code.

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