R & D efficiency is one of the core competitiveness of enterprises, and it plays a decisive role in the survival and development of technology companies. However, how to comprehensively, effectively, and continuously improve performance, which can not only support the rapid iteration of business, but also improve the work efficiency and happiness of R&D personnel, is a very complex system engineering. R&D efficiency is still in the rapid exploration period in China, and there are still a series of very important concepts that need to be clarified, methods and practices that need to be sorted out, and questions and confusion that need to be answered.

Questions and Answers of News Fast Delivery Masters in this issue ( 12moon7day-12moon13day) we invited@Ru Bingsheng talks about software development Discuss with you aboutSoftware R&D Efficiencyrelated questions.

Issues that may be discussed include, but are not limited to:

  • Definition of R&D Effectiveness
  • The Relationship between R&D Effectiveness and Agile Development
  • Practical problems to be solved in R&D effectiveness
  • Performance improvement under microservices and cloud native
  • Efficiency R&D Open Source Tools
  • The development direction of R&D efficiency

or other aboutPerformance research and development, agile, service testing, continuous integration, DevOps, etc.You are also welcome to actively ask questions about related issues!

Guest introduction

Ru Bingsheng,Senior technical expert of Tencent Tech Lead, special researcher of Tencent Research Institute, industry-renowned practical expert in R&D efficiency and software quality, value expert of Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Huawei Cloud. The author of the public account[Ru Bingsheng chatting about software development],Influential author of IT books of the year, author of the best-selling books “Advancement and Practice of Full-Stack Technology for Test Engineers”, “The Beauty of Software R&D Efficiency Improvement”, “Software R&D Efficiency Improvement Practice” and “Efficient Automated Test Platform: Design and Development Practical Combat”.Producer and Keynote speaker of major domestic technology summits.

To encourage active questioning, wewill be drawn from the questioner after the Q&A 3 One lucky member presented the book “The Definitive Guide to Software R&D Effectiveness”.

Jingdong book purchase:https://u.jd.com/eI3as0D

The consistent style of OSChina Q&A does not welcome any discussions and trolls that have nothing to do with the topic.

Welcome everyoneSoftware R&D EfficiencyMutuallyRelated questions to@Ru Bingsheng talks about software developmentpositiveask questions pleaseReply directly to the question.

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