ChatGPT, an AI dialogue model launched by OpenAI last week, has been popular all over the Internet these days. Its powerful ability to answer various questions has made many people feel that it can replace Google and other search engines, and even replace the programming question-and-answer community Stack Overflow.

In fact, Stack Overflow has also been flooded with answers generated with ChatGPT these days. But Stack Overflow isn’t too impressed with ChatGPT-generated content — they issued a temporary rule today:It is forbidden to use ChatGPT generated content to answer questions on Stack Overflow.

According to Stack Overflow, the correct rate of questions using the text responses generated by ChatGPT is very low, and these contents are harmful to the entire site and users seeking correct answers.

According to Stack Overflow, the main problem here is that many people have been trying to use ChatGPT to answer questions on Stack Overflow recently due to the very low barrier to entry for using ChatGPT, but they lack the expertise and are unwilling to verify the answers generated by ChatGPT before replying is it right or not. So now Stack Overflow generates a lot of worthless and even misleading answers.

In response to this situation, Stack Overflow decided to take steps to reduce the number of answers generated using ChatGPT. After the rules banning ChatGPT were announced, users could be banned from posting if they were found to be still using ChatGPT to answer questions.

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