The latest version of Midori browser is officially released and available for download. The new version of the browser is named Midori Next Generation and the version number is 10.0.2.

I don’t know how many of you still remember Midori, a lightweight web browser that originally used the WebKitGTK rendering engine and GTK UI toolkit. Midori was also used to be the default web browser in Linux distributions like Elementary OS.

Since this project has not been updated for more than 2 years, various Linux distributions have already changed the default browser, and Ubuntu even completely deleted it from the system repository of Ubuntu 22.04.

Just a few days ago, the Astian Foundation took the initiative to disclose the latest progress, saying that the Midori browser is still alive and will have its own open source search engine built in.

It’s just that the new version of Midori is now a Chromium-based web browser built with Electron and supports Linux, macOS and Windows, as well as Android.

Features of the new Midori browser so far:

  • new logo

  • Integrate Adblock to block ads right out of the box

  • Incognito mode supported

  • Based on Chromium, but without Google services and privacy tracking, less resource usage

  • Support for Chrome extensions

  • Simple and Modern User Interface

  • Fast and highly customizable user interface

  • tab grouping

  • Although promised to use its own open source AstianGo search engine, so far, AstianGo has not been built into the browser (requires manual access The default search engine is now DuckDuckGo, with options for Google, Bing, and Ecosia.

Download link:

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