OpenZFS 2.1.7 has been released, the latest version of the open source ZFS filesystem implementation compatible with modern Linux and FreeBSD systems.

OpenZFS 2.1.7 offers dozens of bug fixes compared to 5.19, while extending Linux kernel support to the Linux 6.0 stable release, meaning OpenZFS 2.1.7 supports kernels from Linux 3.10 to Linux 6.0.

Bugfixes for OpenZFS 2.1.7 include fixes for Clang compilation issues, fixes for multiple null pointer dereferences, CI updates, and some FreeBSD-specific fixes.

  • zfs-2.1.7: use ubuntu-20.04 for zloop and sanity builders
  • Fix setting large_block function after receiving snapshot #13699 #13782
  • Fix NULL pointer dereference in dbuf_prefetch_indirect_done() #14210
  • Lua: Fix wrong bit shift in lua_strx2number() #14204
  • Fix clang 13 compilation error #13551
  • Remove final K&R definition #13447
  • Module: zfs: vdev_removal: remove unused num_indirect #13304
  • Test: cmd: draid: remove unused and undocumented -v #13304
  • linux: libspl: region: () -> (void) #12968
  • Correct to .service #12709 #14171
  • Fix arc_p aggressive increase #14137 #14120
  • FreeBSD: Fix out-of-bounds read in zfs_ioctl_ozfs_to_legacy() #14135

See the release note for more details.

Recently, the annual OpenZFS Developer Summit was held in San Francisco. The topics of the meeting included introducing the status quo of OpenZFS, how Amazon AWS uses OpenZFS on a large scale, and some optimizations and improvements that developers are currently addressing. Further reading:

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