WinSCP is an open source graphical SFTP client for SSH used in the Windows environment. It also supports the SCP protocol. Its main function is to safely copy files between local and remote computers, and to edit files directly.

Currently, WinSCP 5.21.6 has been released. The specific updates of this version are as follows:

  • TLS/SSL core Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1s.
  • XML parser upgraded to Expat 2.5.0.
  • Translation update: German.
  • In the generated WinSCP script PowerShell command line set$PSNativeCommandArgumentPassingforLegacy, which is required for PowerShell 7.3 compatibility. 2134
  • Added newap-south-2,eu-central-2andeu-south-2AWS region and double the region drop-down height.
  • Bugfix: Moving a WebDAV transfer to the background aborts the transfer if the server submits the interrupted foreground transfer. 2126
  • Bugfix: Failed to save edited file when current tab is not connected. 2139
  • Bugfix: When the current session was encrypted, saved edits were uploaded using the current session instead of its source session. When the current session is not encrypted, edited files opened in any encrypted session are uploaded in the background, potentially resulting in inconsistent file data.
  • Bugfix: When reattaching an edited file to a reconnect session, the file is always attached to the current session, not the possibly inactive reconnect session.

Release Notes:

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