This video will teach you how to create a WordPress website using Hostinger’s WordPress AI-powered tools.
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AI has been a game changer for many of today’s industries, and website development is no exception. With Hostinger AI Assistant and a pre-built WordPress theme, you can build a completely functioning WordPress website in no time.
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00:00 – Introduction
How to Easily Make a Website With WordPress
00:59 – Purchase a Hosting Plan
01:56 – Install WordPress
04:07 – Choosing a Domain Name
05:00 – Customize Your WordPress Website
08:22 – Add More Functionality to Your Website
10:23 – Create Content With Hostinger AI Assistant
12:08 – Launch Your Website
πŸ“Œ How to Create a WordPress Website using WordPress AI tools?
⭐ Purchase a hosting plan
⭐ Install WordPress
⭐ Choose a domain name
⭐ Customize your WordPress website
⭐ Add more functionality to your website by installing plugins
⭐ Create content using Hostinger AI Assistant
⭐ Launch your site
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