According to a report from MNNH News English, the Free Software Foundation has announced that GIMP (“GNU Image Manipulation Program”) will no longer use the controversial name and will change its name to LIGMA (“Libre Image and Graphics Manipulation Application”).

※ gimp has the meaning of disabled and lame in English.

GIMP, the acronym of GNU Image Manipulation Program (GNU Image Processing Program), is a free and open source bitmap image editor for image photo retouching and editing, free drawing, resizing, cropping, photo montage, and image replacement formatting and other specialized tasks. GIMP has almost all the functions required for image processing, known as Photoshop under Linux.

It can be seen that the renamed GIMP no longer retains “GNU” in the full name, but adopts “Libre” which more clearly reflects the attribute of “free software”. The pointing object is also changed from the original “Image” to “Image and Graphics”, and Program is changed to Application.

For the interpretation of Free and Libre, see the explanation of RMS.

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