Cicero is an AI that can play against human players in the strategy game Diplomacy.

Between August 19th and October 13th, 2022, CICERO played 40 games and ranked in the top 10% of participants who played more than 1 game; participation in 5 or more games Among them, CICERO ranked second; in all 40 matches, Cicero’s average score was 25.8%, more than double the average of 12.4% of its 82 opponents.

game information

Diplomacy is a strategy board game set in 1914 Europe. The board is divided into 56 land areas and 19 ocean areas. Among them, 42 land areas are divided among the seven major countries in the game. Austria-Hungary, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Turkey. The remaining 14 land areas are neutral at the start of the game.

Each great power controls some regions and some units. The number of controlled units depends on the number of controlled key areas, called Supply Centers (SCs). Simply put, more supply hubs means more units. The goal of the game is to control more than half of all SC by moving units into these areas and convincing other players to support you.


# Clone the repo with submodules:
git clone --recursive diplomacy_cicero
cd diplomacy_cicero

# Apt installs
apt-get install -y wget bzip2 ca-certificates curl git build-essential clang-format-8 git wget cmake build-essential autoconf libtool pkg-config libgoogle-glog-dev

# Install conda
wget --quiet -O ~/
/bin/bash ~/ -b

# Create conda env
conda create --yes -n diplomacy_cicero python=3.7
conda activate diplomacy_cicero

# Install pytorch, pybind11
conda install --yes pytorch=1.7.1 torchvision cudatoolkit=11.0 -c pytorch
conda install --yes pybind11

# Install go for boringssl in grpc
# We have some hacky patching code for protobuf that is not guaranteed
# to work on versions other than this.
conda install --yes go protobuf=3.19.1

# Install python requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt

# Local pip installs
pip install -e ./thirdparty/github/fairinternal/postman/nest/
# NOTE: Postman here links against pytorch for tensors, for this to work you may
# need to separately have installed cuda 11 on your own.
pip install -e ./thirdparty/github/fairinternal/postman/postman/
pip install -e . -vv

# Make

# Run unit tests
make test_fast

Download the model file

Please email to request the password. Then run bash bin/ .This will download and decrypt all relevant model files to the ./models directory

Visit Cicero’s Experimental Games

The JSON data for the games Cicero participated in is located in data/cicero_redacted_games. Only includes conversations with players who have agreed to make their conversations public.

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