Better ChatGPT is the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to experience the limitless potential of conversational artificial intelligence. The app leverages the full potential of OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to provide an unparalleled chatbot experience, all for free and without limitations.

Whether you want to chat with a virtual assistant, improve your language skills, or have fun and engaging conversations, this app has you covered.

Better ChatGPT already includes tons of features:

  • Support using built-in proxy to solve ChatGPT regional restrictions
  • Support custom prompt word database
  • Support for organizing chats using folders (and with colors)
  • Support for filtering chats and folders
  • Support real-time calculation of token quantity and price
  • Support to use ShareGPT to share chat
  • Support for custom API parameters (such as the presence of penalties)
  • Support for custom user/assistant/system identities
  • Support arbitrary editing/inserting/adjusting message order
  • Supports automatic generation of chat titles
  • Support automatic saving of chat records
  • Support import/export chat history
  • Support saving chat as Markdown/picture/JSON
  • Supports synchronization with Google Drive
  • Support Azure OpenAI terminal
  • Multilingual support (i18n)


To get started, just visit the website: There are 3 ways to start using Better ChatGPT.

  1. In the API menu enter your from OpenAI API Keys Obtained OpenAI API key.
  2. Use the provided API endpoint proxy:ayaka14732/ChatGPTAPIFree. (If ChatGPT is not accessible in your region)
  3. Follow the instructions provided here to host your own API endpoints: Then, enter the API endpoint in the API menu.

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