Wasmer 3.0 has been officially released. Wasmer is a general-purpose WebAssembly runtime that supports WASI and Emscripten. It provides an ultra-lightweight container based on WebAssembly, focusing on running WASM code on any platform: from the desktop to the cloud, as well as IoT devices, and can be embedded in any programming language middle.

Wasmer 3.0 itself has not changed much, as the previous multiple tests and release candidates have included a large number of features, improvements and fixes, such asBrings a new WASIX implementation, full networking support, extensive code refactoring, a new context API, fixes to the Singlepass compiler, RISC-V support, C API updates, and other improvements.

excerptUpdates belonging to version 3.0:

3.0.0-rc.3 – 2022/11/18

Add to

  • #3297 Implement wasmer login

3.0.0-rc.1- 2022/10/25

  • #3215 Update wasmer –version logic, integrate wapm-cli

3.0.0-beta.2 – 2022/09/26

Add to

  • #3176 addedcargo-binstallsupport
  • #3117 Add tests for wasmer-cli create-{exe,obj} command
  • #3116 Multithreading, full networking and RPC for WebAssembly
  • #3090 Added version to wasmer cli
  • #3089 Add wasi_* C-API function changes in migration guide for 3.0.0

3.0.0-alpha.4 – 2022/07/28

Add to

  • #3035 Added a simple “divide by zero” waste test that correctly tracks trap info on singlepass compilers
  • #3021 Add missing Aarch64 relocation (needed by llvm compiler)
  • #2941 Implementation of WASIX and full networking of Web Assembly

More feature additions and Bugs Fix can be found in the full Changed Log.

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