http-little-toy Yes An http concurrency testing tool written in Golang.

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http-little-toy: A simple http benchmarking tool. (


The inspiration comes from various versions of wrk http concurrency testing tools on github. One day I saw a version written in go. That’s it? I can do it too. So I made a wheel myself. orz.

Building wheels is fun.


  • [x] Add setting header to the command line

  • [x] Add setting body load to the command line

  • [ ] Improve the logic of the request.json request file

  • [x] Add the function of recording response data log for easy analysis


Generally, -d is used to control the request time (seconds), and -t is used to control the number of threads (understood as the number of users).

You can also use the request.json file, you don’t need to rewrite the command parameters, but there may be some minor problems, and it is being perfected.

$ http-little-toy -h

Usage: httpToy



The http header. --default=[].


allowRedirects. --default=true.


The http body. --default="".


caCert. --default="".


clientCert. --default="".


clientKey. --default="".


Use keep-alive for http protocol. --default=true.


Duration of request.The unit is seconds. --default=0.


specify the request definition file. --default="".


generate the request definition file template to the current directory. --default=false.


show help tips. --default=false.


Use keep-alive for http protocol. --default=true.


record request log to file. default: './log' --default=false.


TLS skipVerify. --default=false.


Number of threads. --default=0.


the time out to wait response. --default=1000.


The URL you want to test. --default="".


useHttp2. --default=false.


show app version. --default=false.

Installation Tutorial

  1. Use go install directly and then put your go/bin into the environment variable, use http-little-toy with parameters, let’s take off, Sao Nian.

  2. Manually compiled into a binary file and run directly, it can be placed in a global variable and executed directly from the command line.

compile manually

# 把项目编译成可执行文件并输出到当前目录

go build -o httpToy


# 使用纯命令

./httpToy -d 10 -t 80 -u

# or

# 使用请求文件

./httpToy -d 10 -t 80 -f request_sample.json

# 使用test-server

go run . -u http://localhost:9090 -H aaa:bbbb -H ccc:ddd -body "hhhhh2333333" -d 2 -t 1

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