Kusion is the engine of KusionStack, which is used to analyze the operation and maintenance intentions described by users in Konfig, and perform corresponding operations on the real infrastructure according to these operation and maintenance intentions

core competence

  • Application life cycle management: Combining Kusion and Konfig to achieve full lifecycle management from the first line of configuration code to production availability
  • teamwork: App Dev, SRE and Platform Dev can collaborate efficiently on a coded platform
  • hybrid runtime: Operate and maintain multiple runtime resources such as Kubernetes and Terraform in a unified way
  • Manufacturer independent: Write once, render dynamically, run on multiple clouds


quick start

Refer to the quick start to pull up an application with a Kusion command



A key installation

MacOS & Linux

brew install KusionStack/tap/kusion

Go Env

go install github.com/KusionStack/kusion@latest

free installation

Kusion does not yet support all operating systems and architectures, Docker users can use the image to get started quickly:

docker pull kusionstack/kusion:latest

For more information about installation, please check the installation guide on KusionStack official website.

Deploy your first application

One-click deployment of one of your applications, please refer to use case for details

Kusion is still in its infancy, and there are many capabilities that need to be completed, so we welcome everyone to participate and build with us. Visit the Contributing Guide to learn how to get involved in contributing to the Kusion project. If you have any questions, please submit an Issue.

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