Ep. 297 – When I got into web design back in 2009, the “hard” aspects for me personally were learning HTML, CSS and the technical side of web design.

But there weren’t many tools or options for building sites so that wasn’t an issue.

Nowadays, the opposite is true.

It’s easier to technically build websites with no-code page builders but it’s infinitely more difficult to decide on what tool to use because there are so many options out there.

To help you decide on the right website builder for you and to help give us a unique perspective on the landscape of page builders and WordPress, I’m excited to bring onto the podcast, fellow design educator Dave Foy!! (the go to 101 resource for learning the Bricks WordPress Page Builder)

In this one, Dave shares his insight on how Bricks stacks up next to other page builders like Divi and Elementor and gives his perspective on the pros and cons of where WordPress is headed.

We cover:

What led Dave to fall out of love (and stop using) Elementor
How Dave got into Bricks
Why Bricks seems to be a preferred solution for web designers and not the DIY crowd
Why there seems to be such polarization between the different page builder communities nowadays
The landscape and pros and cons of where WordPress is headed

In This Episode

In This Episode

00:00 – The Battle of WordPress Page Builders
05:15 – Page Builders
09:51 – WordPress Community Debate and Division
22:13 – Comparing Page Builder Options
35:32 – Progression to Bricks and Teaching Methods
40:20 – Teaching Web Design With Bricks
51:29 – Webflow vs WordPress

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