Open-source 3D graphics design software Blender implemented Wayland last month for its daily builds for LinuxNative supportand said that if all goes well, the upcoming Blender 3.4 release will introduce the feature.

In recent years, more and more Linux distributions have begun to provide the Wayland desktop by default, and developers have been actively providing native Wayland support for Blender.Currently Blender’s Wayland support relies on libdecor library.The Blender team believes that Wayland has been an X11 alternative since 2008, and many Linux distributions in recent years have provided the Wayland desktop by default. Therefore, in the long run, Blender’s native support for Wayland can bring a better user experience, allowing Blender to support the open features of Wayland and not be restricted by the X11 compatibility layer.

Now, Fedora Workstation 37 will be the first to introduce Blender with native support for Wayland. Fedora usersIt will soon be discovered that their packaged version of Blender works with Wayland support enabled.

According to reports, the Blender package in Fedora Rawhide currently has Wayland support enabled and works well.The plan now is to include these Blender 3.3 packages with Wayland support enabledAvailable as a stable update to Fedora 37 users.

Fedora Developer Luya Thimbalanga shares this early plan to make Blender native to Wayland. Blender users on Fedora can use Copr to build if they want to help test early Wayland support before the Fedora 37 update is released.

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