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In today’s video, I go over the top reasons why you should stop using WordPress to build your website in 2023. I’ll also share some of the best WordPress alternatives that can make your life a lot easier as a total beginner to building websites. While there isn’t one platform that’s “better than all”, each alternative has their own strength and picking the right platform really depends on the type of website you’re trying to make.

WordPress alternatives mentioned:

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And if you are still looking to build a website using WordPress, I recommend using Bluehost. Every Bluehost plan comes with free access to WonderSuite, which is their AI powered WordPress page builder. This is by far the easiest way to build a website using WordPress. I’ve tried them all and it’s easier to use than Elementor!

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I’ve been making websites my whole life and I know that WordPress can be pretty tough to use as a beginner. Figuring out all the plugins and maintaining the updates can all be very frustrating.

That’s why for most beginners on a budget, I highly recommend using Hostinger’s AI Website Builder for your general website as it’s super affordable at under $3 a month with tons of features. Also make sure to enter code CHARLIECHANG at checkout for an even greater discount:

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0:00 – Intro
0:38 – WordPress Is Tough to Learn
2:00 – Too Many Plugins
2:36 – Maintenance
3:01 – Security
3:40 – Speed
4:46 – WordPress Alternatives
5:15 – Hostinger for easiest/cheapest website builder
6:05 – Wix for premium website builder
7:02 – Squarespace for premium website builder
7:47 – Shopify for E-commerce
8:28 – Kajabi for Online Courses
9:23 – Webflow for Tech businesses
10:05 – Final Thoughts

Topics covered: WordPress alternatives, website building, best wordpress platform, websites, WordPress website alternatives, Is WordPress worth it

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