On the eve of the release of OBS Studio 29.1, VSO, a three-member non-profit organization consisting of Adobe, Google, and Veriskope, contributed to OBS support for streaming AV1 and HEVC formats via the RTMP protocol.

RTMP full name Real Time Messaging Protocol, real-time message transmission protocol. RTMP is a network protocol designed for real-time data communication. The live broadcast based on RTMP/FLV protocol is a relatively mature live broadcast architecture system at home and abroad.

RTMP was developed by Adobe. Although it is not an open international standard, Adobe’s RTMP has become the industry’s de facto standard in the era when Flash was popular.

This pull request has now been merged into the OBS Studio Git repository, the new code works with modern GPUs handling real-time AV1 encoding, streamers and video creators can use the new format AV1 or HEVC to stream video content to servers that support RTMP , such as YouTube. When tested against YouTube’s RTMP server, the highest video quality was 4K 60fps.

Google currently supports AV1 and HEVC RTMP fetching, but this feature is currently in beta, and YouTube willTranscoding live streams, currently does not support live streaming in AV1 format, onlyH.264 format is supported.

In addition to streaming to YouTube, the new feature of OBS Studio is to use FFmpeg as an RTMP server,FFplay is tested as a client.

More details about the new format of OBS Studio 29.1 can be learned through this PR.

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