Learn how to create a successful affiliate marketing website from scratch! No fluff. Just a step-by-step training from someone who earned his stripes in Affiliate Marketing.

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00:00 Intro
04:32 What Is Affiliate Marketing?
06:34 Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?
08:56 How Much Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?
14:14 How To Become Successful With Affiliate Marketing?
16:48 What Should You Promote?
28:54 How I found My Products To Promote

38:21 Get Webhosting And A Free Domain Name
43:38 Install WordPress
48:31 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
52:14 How To Come Up With A Great Site Title?
59:00 Download The Best Free WordPress Theme
01:02:47 Create A Logo

01:17:30 Import My Pre-Made Theme Settings And Example Blogposts
01:26:39 Create A Menu On Your Website
01:32:04 Sign Up For Google Analytics
01:37:37 Sign Up For Google Search Console

01:38:56 Install RankMath
01:42:31 Do Search Analysis
01:49:53 Answer The Public
01:56:15 Google Suggestions

02:01:54 Why You Should Get To Know Your Affiliate Products
02:11:44 Come Up With A Blog Post Title
02:26:18 Install Grammarly
02:29:45 Start Writing Your Blogpost
02:32:52 Add Images To Your Blogpost
02:43:29 Adjust Images In Photoshop
02:56:43 Adjust Images For Free Using GetCloudApp
03:04:10 Rename Your Images

03:12:59 Blogpost Settings, Scheduling, Url, Categories, Tags
03:21:29 Create A Featured Image
03:27:20 Use AI Content
03:32:52 Sign Up For Your Affiliate Program
03:39:13 How To Create Affiliate Links
03:44:27 Optimise Your Website With RankMath
03:53:21 Create More Content

03:59:50 Share Your Content Online
04:03:19 Improve Your Blog Configurations
04:11:18 Chat GTP
04:13:35 Blocksy Pro
04:20:35 Review Your Analytics And Site Health
04:31:13 Do I Have My First Sale?
04:33:27 How To Get More Traffic?
04:43:39 Follow-Up Tutorials

Follow-Up Tutorials:
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