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📃 API Documentation

  • HTTP protocol
  • Various formats of request body: FormData, XML, JSON, Raw

⚡ API test

  • Quickly initiate testing of APIs
  • Support local testing

🎭 Mock

  • Mock document interface return value

📶 Available offline

🌐 Test environment management

🌱 Addon Marketplace

💻 Multiplayer collaboration

  • Multi-person collaboration via remote data sources


  • Node.js >= 14.17.x
  • yarn >= 1.22.x

run the code

We use yarn as a package management tool for development and builds, and it is highly recommended that you do the same, but if you want to use npm it’s perfectly fine, it just might take a little more time to install dependencies.

If you want to improve development efficiency, you can install the command-line Angular-cli provided by Angular to quickly generate templates such as components and services.

yarn add @angular/cli --global



yarn startIn development mode, it runs on the browser and desktop at the same time
yarn serve:webonly runs in the browser
yarn electron:serveOnly runs on desktop

package build

sudo yarn buildPackaging Electron applications for each system

run the test

yarn testExecute unit tests

This project adopts Apache-2.0 protocol, you can check for more details.

If you want to feedback bugs and provide product comments, you can create a Github issue and contact us, thank you very much!

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