HHVM 4.170 is now available, HHVM 4.167 – 4.169, withand 4.168 and 4.153 LTS versions will continue to be supported.

The updates are as follows:


  • The type checker now refuses to call type_structure with an invalid type as the first argument
  • lint using UNSAFE_CAST with overly broad input types now suggests autofix

Breaking Changes

  • The Eval.EmitClassPointers runtime option has been removed. The previous default behavior (option value 2; Foo::class expressions emit ‘lazy’ class pointers) is now the only supported behavior.
  • Removed support for using wildcards to refer to config values ​​(eg foo*bar = value or *foobar* = value in HDF config. Adding values ​​to vector type config nodes such as MyVectorConfig.* = value is still supported)
  • Remove support for hdf.loadpaths to specify paths to search when including other HDF configuration.

Notes on this release

The development team says it’s still working on a fix for https://github.com/facebook/hhvm/issues/9236 (can’t compile the repo in hhvm’s gcc build since version 4.168). For users relying on this feature, consider skipping this release or using a nix package built with clang. Officials will release updated versions of all supported versions once a fix is ​​available.

Release Notes:https://hhvm.com/blog/2022/10/07/hhvm-4.170.html

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