Conan is a decentralized, open source (MIT), C/C++ package manager.

  • It is fully decentralized and users can host their packages privately on their servers
  • Works on all platforms including Linux, OSX, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, Docker, WSL
  • Manage binaries. It can create, upload and download binaries for any configuration and platform, and even cross-compile, saving a lot of development and continuous integration time.
  • Integrate with any build system, including any proprietary and custom systems.
  • Scalable: with power and flexibility

set up

$ pip install conan

Install the development version

Available in Windows, macOS and LinuxRunning the Conan client and server

  • install pip

  • clone Conan storehouse:

    $ git clone conan-io

NOTE: The repository directory name is important, some directories are known to have issues when running tests

$ conan --help

Consumer commands
  install    Installs the requirements specified in a recipe ( or conanfile.txt).
  config     Manages Conan configuration.
  get        Gets a file or list a directory of a given reference or package.
  info       Gets information about the dependency graph of a recipe.
  search     Searches package recipes and binaries in the local cache or a remote. Unless a
             remote is specified only the local cache is searched.
Creator commands
  new        Creates a new package recipe template with a '' and optionally,
             'test_package' testing files.
  create     Builds a binary package for a recipe (
  upload     Uploads a recipe and binary packages to a remote.
  export     Copies the recipe ( & associated files) to your local cache.
  export-pkg Exports a recipe, then creates a package from local source and build folders.
  test       Tests a package consuming it from a with a test() method.
Package development commands
  source     Calls your local 'source()' method.
  build      Calls your local 'build()' method.
  package    Calls your local 'package()' method.
  editable   Manages editable packages (packages that reside in the user workspace, but are
             consumed as if they were in the cache).
  workspace  Manages a workspace (a set of packages consumed from the user workspace that
             belongs to the same project).
Misc commands
  profile    Lists profiles in the '.conan/profiles' folder, or shows profile details.
  remote     Manages the remote list and the package recipes associated with a remote.
  user       Authenticates against a remote with user/pass, caching the auth token.
  imports    Calls your local or conanfile.txt 'imports' method.
  copy       Copies conan recipes and packages to another user/channel.
  remove     Removes packages or binaries matching pattern from local cache or remote.
  alias      Creates and exports an 'alias package recipe'.
  download   Downloads recipe and binaries to the local cache, without using settings.
  inspect    Displays conanfile attributes, like name, version, and options. Works locally,
             in local cache and remote.
  help       Shows help for a specific command.
  lock       Generates and manipulates lock files.
  frogarian  Conan The Frogarian

Conan commands. Type "conan <command> -h" for help

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