Recently, some users said that their laptops (with Intel i7-1065G7 CPU) installed with Fedora 35 (Workstation Edition) system had white flashing on the screen after upgrading the kernel version.The device’s Linux kernel version is said to have been upgraded to 5.19.12 (kernel 5.19.12-100.fc35)the problem was in a previous kernel update 5.19.11-100.fc35did not happen.

The user stated that after selecting the kernel in the GRUB menu, the laptop’s screen started flickering like “the lights at a ’90s rave party”, as shown in the image below:

This is not an exception. Another user who also uses Fedora 35 also said that after upgrading the Linux kernel version of his laptop, the screen flickers quickly, even in UEFI mode. Too high to be photographed with a cell phone. At this point he thinks it’s a hardware issue with the laptop and has nothing to do with the OS/drivers.

In addition to Fedora, some users of Arch Linux also reported encountering the same problem.

Based on user-supplied boot-time kernel logs (kernel_log.txt), Intel engineers pointed out that the Linux 5.19.12 kernel contains a “potential screen power timing delay” issue that could cause permanent damage to the LCD screen. So he urgently fixed bugs and released a new version, and sent an email on the Linux kernel mailing list to suggest upgrading to Linux Kernel 5.19.13.

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