Axios is a Promise-based HTTP network request library for browsers and Node.js. Axios is very small and provides a simple to use library with an easily extensible interface.

The 1.1.0 version update released by Axios recently caused thousands of websites to crash due to corruption after it was pushed to users.

According to an issue submitted by a user, in Axios v1.1.0 they useaxios.getWhen an error occurs, it will prompt TypeError: axios.get is not a function.This causes almost all requests to failbecause if behave as expected,axios.getis a valid function.

This user also attached a method to reproduce the problem, using<script>Introduce axio v1.1.0, and then reference it directlyaxios.get()to reproduce the error:

<script src=""></script>

Note: This issue was not reproduced in v1.0.0.

As can be seen from the comments of the issue, almost all the developers who left these comments caused the production environment to crash directly due to this problem. Some developers have found that rolling back to 1.0.0 can solve this problem, but since their app needs to be reviewed after the update, even if they know the solution, they can’t fix it right away.

There are also developers who believe that developers affected by this issue are somehow “unsympathetic” because their production applications use the latest (auto-upgrade) repository on the CDN, which is very stupid.

After confirming the problem, the development team released two patch updates (v1.1.1 & v1.1.2) to fix the bug the next day. All users are advised to upgrade to the latest version.

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