PipeCAD can be used for Plant Piping Design, PipeCAD has the following functions:

  • Grid Modeling;
  • Equipment Modeling;
  • Structure Modeling;
  • Piping Modeling;
  • Piping Isometric Drawing;
  • Piping Draft Drawing;
  • Piping MTO List;
  • Customization by Python;



PipeCAD is not open sourcebut you can use PipeCAD Personal Edition for free.

PipeCAD provide customization by Python. The python plugins locate in the
PipeCAD/Lib/pipecad folder.
The Python plugins are open source with MIT license.


Download PipeCAD from here: https://github.com/eryar/PipeCAD/releases

There is a Sample project in PipeCAD, You can use the user SYSTEM and password XXXXXX to login the Sample project.

There are some videos to illustrate how to use PipeCAD: https://space.bilibili.com/1548012589



3D WebGL Viewer for Piping PCF/IDF File: https://eryar.github.io/PipeCAD/

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