WordPress Co-Founder Matt Mullenweg speaks out about the Ai revolution

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, spoke about the intersection of WordPress and AI and its impact on society.
He believes there will be more disparity in societies and companies that embrace AI, similar to how innovation is unevenly distributed in the world.
WordPress’s open-source nature aligns well with AI, as they aim to collect the best ideas from everywhere and create a product for their community.
The wave of AI disruption will impact various roles, such as freelancers, agencies, content producers, website builders, and educators.
Matt encourages businesses to play with AI, learn to use it, and leverage it to enhance productivity and create new opportunities.

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21 thoughts on “WordPress Co-Founder Matt Mullenweg on the Ai REVOLUTION ๐Ÿ”ฅ”

  1. I have to agree, explore the new tools and enjoy the exploration journey, definitely potential for good uses and bad uses, guess it is up to the individual behind the computer.

  2. Why is elementor leading the way with AI, why isn't default wordpress taking note of their lead and building it in, elementor is not wordpress best practice.

  3. Hmmm great interview on your end Jamie but not so much Matt bringing anything to the table I didnโ€™t know or could foresee. Odd heโ€™s not way more dialed in to how this rapidly growing AI insanity will affect and can assist WP for millions of us beyond whats known today.

  4. I think the issue will come down to power and ownership. I'm sure when the first basic "ploughs" were invented the technology was shared by many but over time as the design was improved it and became harder to replicate, only those who could afford a skilled craftsmen to make the latest most effective ploughs could own the technology and wealth began to pool around fewer individuals, leaving the majority as impoverished serf's..

  5. Great insights from Matt. The WordPress-AI intersection holds tremendous potential, and leveraging its power will reshape roles and open up a whole new world of opportunities. Exciting times ahead! Thanks for sharing this, Jamie.

  6. Hey Jamie, great interview. He is really optimistic, isn't he. I remember when they said VCR's would destroy the movie business, and then file sharing was going to destroy commerce at all levels, and then Digital cameras were going to kill off film, which is having a sort of revival here in the US now. I really enjoyed this Jamie, Thank you!

  7. It will be way easier to do a lot of things.
    The people,who were used to make money just with playing around with builders like Divi and etc. and selling premade templates to people,will have to find another job.
    The wordld is developing,get used to it.

  8. Thanks for sharing this enlightening conversation with Matt Mullenweg!

    Liked his thoughts on the ethical implications of AI, emphasizing that it's not just about advancements, but also about careful and responsible implementation. Looking forward to seeing more videos on AI revolution. Thanks again.

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