Yooooooo! Whats up guys! Today’s video is answering the question of what is WordPress and how does wordpress work. In case there’s any beginners out there that want to learn how to create a website in under 30 minutes, see below…



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40 thoughts on “What is WordPress? And How Does It Work? | Explained for Beginners”

  1. Is it possible to start building a website with WordPress and then, if I run into something I cannot solve with WordPress, use coding to solve it?
    Can I combine the two or is it either or?

  2. 9.15.2023 Hey brother! WoW~ posted in 2018 and here I am . . . JUST NOW coming across it! Geeze how TIME truly FLIES passed us at aLaRmInG SPEED!!! Glad I found it and even gladder I watched it ALL Beginning to End. It was SUPER well done. Kudos & Cheers mate! RIGHT TO THE POINT is EXACTLY HOW I AM and HOW I DO THINGS. So NICE to see the same in your post! Thanks. I'm about to LAUNCH a Site that has the VERY REAL POSSIBILITY of Changing LIFE for the BETTER for nearly every human being ON OUR PLANET. I am SOOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD to POSTING IT. Hopefully in the NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE! I very well may use WordPress on a count of your Presentation. SO Cheers once again mate! Always Sir Nicholas In Seattle

  3. Brilliant tutorial! Your presentation style and content depth are commendable. Your hint about similar videos on your channel has piqued my interest!

  4. " Thank God, because that stuff is like Japanese." I work in China at an international school. I used this video to introduce WordPress to a class that had a Japanese boy in it. He was totally confused by this statement. 🤣

  5. I have my own website on my local drive. can i upload them to wordpress?if yes, how? cause there is no option to upload the files. do i have to pay?

  6. I'm in web 2 right now and we're still coding. I'm able to do it but we're learning WordPress in web 3 and I can't wait lmao. Thank you for the video, to the point and made me dread web design so much less lmao.

    I'm more interested in designing than coding. 💜

  7. I already have a website created by someone he used word press but lately I got done knowledge about WordPress and choose to code the site from scratch although my hosting company mailed me that my plan is expired but I still want my domain name but is it possible I subscribe another year from my hosting company and how do I code this site from scratch not using wordless anymore and link it with my hosting company

  8. KNOW THIS: This is an advertisement.
    I have had a website using wordpress for years. However, I only know how to "limp around with the 'pages' part". This video gave me NO new information. It does NOT tell you any "How". It does tell you some "whats", I'll give it that.
    This is a "menu". I was hoping for a couple "recipes".

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