Microsoft Azure CTO, Sysinternals lead developer Mark Russinovich posted on his social accountDynamic scaleit’s time for developers to stop using C/C++ to start new projects and suggest that Rust can be used in scenarios that require a non-GC language.

“Speaking of languages, it’s time to stop starting any new projects in C/C++ and use Rust in those scenarios where a non-GC language is required. The industry should announce deprecation of these languages ​​for safety and reliability.”

As soon as this remark came out, it inevitably caused widespread discussion. Someone asked if this was his personal opinion or a statement as a CTO. .NET Foundation member Shawn Wildermuth raised it in the commentsdoubt, does Rust have enough developers to push the work forward? In response, a developer replied, “It’s really hard to give up C/C++, but it doesn’t matter; young developers can master Rust quickly, compared to trying to find talented C/C++ developers, this is It’s much easier to lift.”

There are also comments that:

George Ou: I’m a huge Rust fan, but what do you say to those who think there are safe versions of C and C++?

Ted Mielczarek: Either they’re lying to you, or they’re suggesting something that requires effectively rewriting your entire codebase, so you’re better off using Rust.

Among the dissenting voices, an ID is ionCube24 of users said that Mark Russinovich meant to blame the language more than the programmers. But the truth is “C++ is great, it’s just that a lot of people who use it (and other languages) basically don’t know how to program; switching languages ​​won’t fix that.”

Some people practice by themselvesExampleShows that Rust has limitations and doesn’t solve all his problems. However, the netizen’s argument seems a bit untenable:

“It doesn’t have to solve all the problems to have a big impact.”

“Why ‘solve all your problems’ as a standard, does it require ‘solve all your problems’ to make a substantial difference in programming? In my opinion, want to ‘use it in all new projects’ this The standard is far lower than having ‘it solves all known problems’.”

Others are quite “sad”sigh Mark Russinovich has changed and is no longer “cool”.relatively sensiblevoicesay“Or better yet: stop hyping up one programming language. Different tools fit different problems. Rust is great, but it’s not a solution to all programming problems”.

more than thispropose“When the GCed system language is acceptable, there will be no new C/C++ projects. Go, Nim and Crystal are all better choices than C/C++. Also There’s Zig, and it’s doing some cool stuff, but it’s not as mature or popular as Rust.”

Currently, Hacker News and Reddit There are also discussions on related topics.

Rust does have a lot of heat recently:

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