Here are 9 of the BEST WordPress Plugins in 2023, and each one is either 100% free or has a compelling free option available.

1. Admin and Site Enhancements –
2. Depicter –
3. Block Visibility –
4. GenerateBlocks –
5. ACF –
6. WP Vivid Backup – (use WPTUTS20 for 20% off pro)
7. FluentAUTH –
8. Independent Analytics –
9. MainWP –

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30 thoughts on “9 Of The BEST WordPress Plugins 2023”

  1. Great video, very informative and to the point, thanks.
    For me, my goto for website security is 100% Wordfence. Several years ago, a client had an issue of not being able to gain access to their website, and their original designer absconded, and client wanted us to try and salvage their website. We ran into Wordfence for the first time, and man was it a struggle to get into that website. Tried almost everything we could, but Wordfence kept blocking us at every turn. Even with ftp access we could not stop Wordfence from blocking us. Our only solution was to go directly into the back-end database, via the host, and create an admin login, and inform Wordfence about the new admin, all via the database, and that is the only way we managed to salvage the website.
    Ever since that experience, I use nothing else but Wordfence for all my client websites.

  2. Just installed Independant Analytics for the first time, beautiful, fast. Can't wait for some data! Excited to test FluentAuth. Thank you Paul.

  3. @wptuts,
    Dear Paul, we are proud to see you put our Depicter Plugin to your second top list of your best WP Plugins in 2023! Thank you for mentioning Depicter! 😉

  4. No more JetEngine? I learned a lot from your videos on how to use JetEngine. Too bad they are not improving their overall performance and speed. It is just too slow on queries and filters. 🥲

  5. Thank you Paul! Admin and Site Enhancements is definetely a great extension which such powerful tools. However it has several flaws (e .g. no white labelling or WP dashboard display according to the user role) that imply we have to use other plugings in conjunction. Maybe something that would justify a pay version?

  6. Admin and site enhancement is a nice addition but it loads its php code in every single wordpress admin page. For example: if you have installed ACF or any other plugin, admin and site enhancement loads its php code in those plugins admin pages while perhaps it is not necessary to do so.

  7. Hey Paul, great video, thanks a lot as always. One plugin I constantly use when developing my sites is FEP (flexible Elementor Panel) it makes the Elementor tools panel float so you don't need to open and close it to check how your design looks.

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