Appwrite is an end-to-end developer platform based on Docker, and its containerized microservice library can be applied to the web, mobile, and backend. Appwrite simplifies the tedious process of writing APIs from scratch through a visual interface, and creates an efficient development environment for developers on the premise of ensuring software security.

Appwrite can provide developers with a variety of services such as user authentication, external authorization, user data read and write retrieval, file storage, image processing, and cloud function computing.


  • Added UI to view Parent IDs of all resources in UI
  • Added automatic cache cleaning for Appwrite internal services
  • Added Appwrite handling of importing hashed passwords, which can be used to import existing user data from other systems
  • In the Appwrite console, Usersis now renamed to Authentication
  • More endpoints are exposed (for guests) with appropriate rate limits
  • Added Discuz, Podio and Etsy OAuth providers
  • Function logs can now capture stdout
  • Added ability to grant guests write access to documents, files and execute


  • Fixed you not being redirected to login page after resetting password in Appwrite console
  • Fixed invalid data could be loaded into Appwrite console
  • Fixed an issue where users using the MySQL adapter would encounter full-text indexing
  • Fixed an issue where teams were created without owners
  • Fixed an issue where users could not be searched by phone
  • Fixed an issue where unaccepted invitations would grant access to items

important changes

  • All Date values ​​are now stored as ISO-8601 instead of UNIX timestamps
  • Permission levels and syntax have been reworked
  • Function variables are now stored in a separate collection, with their own API endpoint
  • In the function, req.env has been renamed to req.variables
  • Asynchronously computed resources will now return 202 Accepted status code instead of 200 OK
  • Queries have been improved to allow for more flexibility and new endpoints have been introduced
  • Compound indexes are now more flexible
  • createExecution parametric async Default value from true change to false
  • In the function collection, the string property status has been refactored into a enabled boolean property of
  • Execution response model in time property has been renamed to durationfor greater consistency with other response models

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