YiAdmin background management system (abbreviation: YiAdmin) is a general background management system developed based on webman. The system has built-in basic functions such as user management, role management, menu management, attachment management, log management, and module management. Based on the modular and pluggable design of the system, application development time can be greatly reduced by combining existing modules.

The front-end page in the background of the system uses requirejs for modular loading and is implemented based on iframe+vue2.0+ant design. With one-click generation of CURD, background applications can be rapidly developed.

Main features:

  • Support file cache and Redis cache
  • Laravel Orm
  • Think View
  • modular
  • event system
  • multi-language
  • Online update


Some modules of YiAdmin:

Cms Content Management System: Simple and flexible content management system based on YiAdmin.

mall: A single-user mall system based on YiAdmin+uniapp, which can be compiled into H5, applet, App, and supports PC.

Invoicing management system: A simple invoicing management system developed based on YiAdmin to help small and medium-sized enterprises achieve digital management.

Markdown editor: Markdown editor based on editor.md

Tinymce Editor: based on tinymce rich text editor

Elasticsearch: Word segmentation and full-text search functions can be quickly implemented through new configurations and simple adaptations.

checkout counter: Unified payment module, integrating WeChat payment and Alipay payment

developer tools: Support one-click generation of CURD, support for table association, support for multiple languages, create modules, and package modules.

QR code: Generate a QR code in one sentence.

Pdf: Generate a PDF file in one sentence.

queue: Support redis and RabbitMQ.

Scheduled Tasks: Supports accessing urls, executing shells, and executing custom commands.

push: Real-time chat function is available.

Tencent Cloud SMS

worth mentioning:Currently supports WeChat official account, WeChat applet, PC-side scan code, follow the official account login

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