OnlyOffice is a free and open source office suite that combines text, spreadsheet and presentation editors that allow the creation, viewing and editing of local files. It is fully compatible with Office Open XML formats such as .docx, .xlsx and .pptx. OnlyOffice supports Windows, Linux and Mac.

OnlyOffice 7.2 was officially released recently, and the updates are as follows:

new function

All editors

  • Removed restrictions on minimum window size
  • Top toolbar optimized for small screens
  • Added ability to select “Contrast Dark” or “System Default” interface theme
  • Reworked icons in header row
  • Reworked settings page in editor
  • New interface languages: Portuguese, Armenian
  • Improved color selection component
  • Ability to disable alternate menus in the editor
  • Completely redesigned search within documents
  • Added shortcut key for “Special Paste”
  • Added “Cut” and “Select All” buttons to the toolbar next to Copy/Paste
  • Major improvements to the font engine
  • Ligature support
  • Ability to insert tables as OLE objects
  • Supports and works with images as a list of dots
  • Major improvements to the rendering of “EMF” and “WMF” files

document editor

  • Ability to remove header/footer from toolbar
  • Ability to insert current title in table of contents
  • New warning if there is no table of contents in the document
  • Navigation panel renamed to “Headings”
  • Improved conversion of “pdf”, “djvu”, “xps” to “docx”
  • Correctly display Greek letters as numbered list items

Spreadsheet editor

  • Ability to “switch rows and columns” for charts.
  • Added “Italiano (Svizzera)” language for locale
  • Filter line number highlighting
  • Removed “First” and “Last” from the bottom toolbar.
  • Select the range to copy
  • Automatically adjust column width on update
  • Supports 1904 date system

presentation editor

  • Animation of custom path
  • Added advanced settings “Placement” tab for graphic images
  • Added VLC library so no codec is required for video and audio playback


  • Search in embedded and form modes
  • Change field width for fields with “Comb of characters” enabled
  • Ability to set labels for fields
  • Added “Format” and “Allowed Symbols” settings for fields
  • New field types: “Phone Number”, “Email Address”, and “Complex Fields”


  • Various fixes and updates to all components

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